External Resources: Broadcast

If you’re just starting out with Broadcast, the process can be daunting to say the very least. is an excellent resource, but navigating the tremendous wealth of information can be daunting.

Start with the Guide to Broadcast/Video. If you’re just looking to add multimedia and video to your online news site, start with these links:

When you feel good about what you see on those links, check out the rest of of the Guide to Broadcast/Video. When it comes to the “big time” equipment, I’m afraid I’m at a loss. My students create content exclusive on iPads.

One last external resource: buy the Video Coach DVDs! Every year, I’m able to show my kids these two videos and then get them creating video content the very next class period. Below you’ll find a sample video from a pair of freshman whose only training was the Video Coach DVDs. They’re not perfect, but when you’re advising an extra-curricular publication, you need to get them DOING as quickly as possible, or else you’ll lose them.

Crew Winter Conditioning from TJTV on Vimeo.

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