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Mug Shots: Not Just for Prisoners Anymore

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see staffers pull kids out of a class or a club meeting, have them stand up against a wall or a locker and take a photo. It’s just unnatural. There is a place for posed pictures (enviornmental portraits, club and team photos, school pictures), but mug shots are not that place.

Instead, get candid shots (or beautiful environmental portraits) that help tell the story. If a student is talking about how great it is to play the trumpet, don’t take a picture of him against a brick wall. Get a photo of him actually playing the trumpet!

If your staffers are still having a difficult time with this, show them this video; it will show them what posed concrete wall mug shots really look like.

Mug Shots x264 from Erinn Harris on Vimeo.


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