Upping Your Coverage Game: Graphic Organizers

Interested in improving your yearbook’s coverage? Using your theme to drive your storytelling? Here are three graphic organizers that can help you develop and organize your coverage. Click the images to open downloadable PDFs.

50 Ways to Tell a Story: this printable will help your staff come up with diverse coverage that moves beyond traditional copy and quote/mug mods. The key is to consider the angle of your story and then decide the BEST method of storytelling. What will best convey your angle to the reader? Considering alternative methods of storytelling will also allow you to focus on thematic coverage. If your theme revolves around time, schedules, calendars, step-by-steps and other time-oriented methods should be used often.

50 Ways to Tell a Story

Planning Theme-Based Coverage: this printable will help your staff brainstorm ways to use their theme and tagline throughout the book. One of the cardinal sins of yearbook is letting the theme die after the opening. Here you can plan mods, stories, phrases and coverage ideas inspired by your tagline.

Planning Theme-Based Coverage

Upping Your Coverage Game: this printable will help your staff think beyond that same old ladder you’ve been using year after year after year. You’ll be able to brainstorm what you HAVE to cover, and then start thinking about what’s unique to YOUR school in THIS school year.

Upping Your Coverage Game


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